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Training in Server

” Indian Institute of Code, Networks and Security ( IICNS ) “, industry relevant skills are what we develop. The rigorous training provided at IICNS equips students with Knowledge, Skills and Attitude to succeed. The IICNS Programs are based on inovation and interactive training methodologies derived from one experiences of providing training in corporate world. In effort, at the IICNS, we bring corporate to the classroom.

Why choose this course?

Degree type: Server(Diploma)
Duration: 1years (full-time)

In a technical mean, a server is an instance of a computer program that accepts and responds to requests made by another program; known as a client.
Any device that runs server software could be considered a server as well.

These Windows Server training courses are designed to help you gain the skills needed to use Windows Server technology to power the next generation of cloud-optimized networks, applications, and web services.

Databases have been around since cavemen were drawing stick figures of their family’s on the rock walls.
A database is a collection of related information. In the last 20 years what has improved greatly is we can get the information we need instantly from databases.

Learning tips
– Optimize indexing strategies
– Create and alter tables
– Maintain indexes
– Create and modify constraints

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