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Network Security

Technology is upgrading day by day and so does the internet. We can do anything with the help of internet.  But beware of the hackers. They are way more smart than we think.  Computer networks are becoming bigger day by day and IT firms are concerned about its security.

 Indian Institute of Code Network and Security
Indian Institute of Code Network and Security

Network security refers to a specialized field which deals in securing your computer network on both levels software and hardware.

It protects our data and maintains the integrity of computer network.

It is done in multiple layers implementing controls and policies at each layer.

It removes unwanted threats.

Network security is familiar with and allows only authentic users while blocking potential threats on a computer network.

Antimalware programs keep all the malicious software at bay.

It synchronizes the hardware and software against every possible type of vulnerability.

 Indian Institute of Code Network and Security an institution of professional education in coding, security, server, Networking, and designing. IICNS’s is dedicated to helping the student to increase the technical value of learning and development.

Indian Institute of Code Network and Security
Indian Institute of Code Network and Security

It is introducing, International Certification in Network Security (ICNS) is a six(6)-month Certification training.

The ICNS training program is developed in a manner to teach the prevention and monitoring of unauthorized access, misuse and denial of computer databases. The Program is to train how to secure the network accessibility and computer networks. Apart from teaching, how to secure the network and creating the security but also involves is authorizing the access to networks and controlling it.

IICNS’s Managed Training with best-in-classroom training with upgraded teaching tools and technologies. End to End Training in live Projects to get an array of professional skills to open doors of possibilities for you in the areas of Computer Science and Information Technology. At IICNS, we not only let you dream of reaching the top, but we guide you there! Being an IICNSians means going much beyond your professional existence.

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