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Indian Institute of Code Network and Security
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Linux Vs. Windows


First of all, let’s discuss what is Linux and what is windows?  I bet you heard these names in your lives. These are the operating systems, software that controls how computers allocate hardware resources and manage the execution of code that runs on the computer. Windows is a product of the Microsoft Corporation. Linux is the product of a globally distributed software development effort and has no owner.

 Indian Institute of Code Network and Security
Indian Institute of Code Network and Security

Linux can be installed on a wide variety of computer hardware, ranging from mobile phones, tablet computers, and video game consoles, to mainframes and supercomputers. Windows can be installed on desktops, laptops, servers and in some smartphones.

Since windows are more popular, hackers and spammers attack windows more. Most of the times users of Windows OS face the “BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH”, caused by the failure of the system to respond, and eventually, the user has to manually restart the PC. This is very frustrating for the user since they may lose valuable data.

On the other hand, Linux is more secure than windows. As Linux is community driven, developed through people collaboration and monitored constantly by the developers from every corner of the earth, any new problem raised can be solved within few hours and the necessary patch can be ready at the same time. Also, Linux is based on the UNIX architecture which is a multi-user OS, so it is much more stable than single user OS Windows.                                                                     Both the OS have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Linux and windows both are very rich in multimedia applications. Users may find difficulty in setting up the sound and video options in older versions of Linux.

Linux is cheaper compare to windows because windows are single a single use OS.

 Indian Institute of Code Network and Security
Indian Institute of Code Network and Security

Windows is more popular than Linux, according to market research more than 90% of world’s population is using windows.

According to their differences, it is hard to say that which one is better OS because each has its pros and cons.                                                                                              If you’re a small firm that works primarily in software, Linux is likely to be a good fit, as the free availability will reduce overheads, and set-up won’t be too complicated to manage. It also has a reputation as a tool for coding. In big firms it is not easy to replace the computers of hundreds of employees, it will only cause chaos, so there they should use windows.

At last, I think windows is more convenient than Linux, it is true that it is costly but convenient. It’s simple, familiar, and guaranteed to be compatible with virtually all software; for busy companies, that could well be more valuable in the long run.


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