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Indian Institute of Code Network and Security
Indian Institute of Code Network and Security

Hacking VS. Security

I guess you all have heard about this term; in simple words you can say that hacking is acquiring your data without your consent, and hacker is the one who attempts hacking.

Everything is online nowadays, online banking

, online shopping and what not? We can access through anything with just a click. But the major question here is, is it safe? Perhaps yes or perhaps not.

Indian Institute of Code Network and Security
Indian Institute of Code Network and Security

What is hacking?

What threatens us is that almost all our information is available online. This is indeed scary.  You all have heard about cyber crimes. It is escalating day after day. The only conclusion that can be drawn from these situations is that NOBODY IS SAFE. The actual battle is thus, not between the ones committing the crime and the ones being victimized, but instead, it’s really between Hacking and the measures to prevent it, in short, security.

Indian Institute of Code Network and Security
Indian Institute of Code Network and Security

There are always two kinds of people, I believe. The GOOD one and the BAD one. We don’t really like the bad one, but the good one is useful and helping, same goes with hackers, there are two kinds of hackers the good one or we can say ETHICAL hackers and the bad one or UNETHICAL hackers.                                                                                                          Ethical hackers are the ones who make use of their hacking expertise to solve a problem, maybe a crime or to extract useful information. They follow a certain code of conduct in their ways of gaining unauthorized access. These unethical hackers or black hackers have an abundant computer and network knowledge to find loopholes, extract confidential and secured information, modify and alter the information present in a system or network of systems.                                                                                                                                                 Imagine someone is keeping an eye on you 24/7, someone is stealing information and use that information to harm you, and a single thought of it is enough to give us nightmares, isn’t it?                                                                                                                                                                The thing to remember here is, it is much easier to secure a system than to hack one. How can you prevent yourself from connecting to a “free Wi-Fi” at some famous restaurants and know that it is not a false network you are connecting to? How can we know that while browsing a simple website, we are not unintentionally giving someone access to your passwords and important files? How are you supposed to prevent a virus from entering your computer, and damaging your system, when you are clicking on a birthday card sent by your “friend”?

Indian Institute of Code Network and Security
Indian Institute of Code Network and Security

Hacks that can prevent you from a hacker:

  1. The biggest weapon of a hacker is your Operating system. Make sure you update it frequently so that you are always a step ahead of the attacker.
  2. There are many anti-virus, anti-spyware and firewall softwares present online. Download and install the most trusted and widely used softwares in order to provide that extra protection.
  3. Make sure you delete all traces of your browsing histories and other personal information on hardware you don’t plan to use anymore. Even your recycle bin!
  4. Be careful while connecting to an open Wi-Fi. To be on the safe side, do not connect to them at all. There are hackers just waiting behind the screen to gain access to your phone or laptop.
  5. As hard as it is to remember a password, try and have password protection on all your systems and accounts. Even try to change and update these passwords frequently.


These are the easiest ways in which we can keep a lid on our privacy. The battle of hacking versus security can only be won when we have the correct weapon and armor in our possession. After all, the attacker is only as strong as we are weak.

Fortunately enough, those who want to master the art of Security have the option of learning the various techniques from the best in the industry. Indian Institute of Code Network and Security (IICNS) has emerged as an eminent professional educational institute to help one train and learn the various technologies and mannerisms of Security offered by the IT industry currently.

Starting from Cyber security and moving up to specific security techniques like Firewalls, to emerge as a Certified system security personnel, IICNS provides all kinds of courses with the help of teachers that have real-life experience in the field. So, enroll into one of IICNS’ programs to be a step ahead of the malicious attackers.



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