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A Step Towards Digitisation

We live in the era where everything is digital. As technology is upgrading everything is becoming digitilised; be it a book or money transactions and what not? The world is revolving around digital technology. Gone are the days when we used to go to the library to read books; when we used to carry lots of cash in our pocket, remember going to the movie hall to buy the tickets of the most awaited flick?

Indian Institute of Code Network and Security
Indian Institute of Code Network and Security

Is there any field where digitisation doesn’t exist? Well I don’t think so.  Life has become smarter as well as easier. Going digital is becoming a necessity.

Everything has two sides, if digitisation has positive impacts then there is also some negative impacts of it.

Let’s discuss about pros and cons of digitisation.

Pros of digitisation:

  1. Digitisation is a time saver.
  2. We don’t have to carry lots of books in our hands just a tablet or a laptop.
  3. Cash has been replaced by credit cards and debit cards.
  4. People have navigation systems in their cars.
  5. We can use television on our smart phones.

Cons of digitisation:

  1. This technology is making people lazy.
  2. Threat of hackers.
Indian Institute of Code Network and Security
Indian Institute of Code Network and Security

In a world full of digitisation, a good job is also hard to find, don’t you think so?

There is rise in demand of IT and CS professionals.

IT and CS has emerged as most exciting fields in today’s world.

IT firms  are providing system software, algorithms and kind of digital solutions to most business and other problems. Today all the IT professionals have to keep acquiring new skills sets in order to upgrade themselves with ever changing technology. Knowledge of one database or only one coding language is not enough.

Be it coding language, operating systems, networking or graphic designing we  Indian Institute of Code Network and Security as an organisation are dedicated to train our students and trainees in digital platforms.

We believe in creating a skilled workforce that can tackle any type of IT and CS problems and work in tandem with ever changing technology.


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